URGENT: With American participation, the Imam village is now fully liberated




19-07-2017 11:48 PMThe Euphrates –

Security forces managed to liberate the village of Imam Gharbi, south of the city of Mosul, about two weeks after the control of an organization calling on them.

The commander of Nineveh operations Major General Najm Jubouri said that the Iraqi forces regained control of the entire village of Imam Gharbi of the organization of Dahesh, adding that about 40 elements of the Daqash were killed during the clashes inside the village and the release of dozens of families who were armed supporters have taken them hostage.

Troops from the anti-terrorism agency, Salah al-Din police and army forces took part in the attack, which began last night with the support of American helicopters, as the village of Imam al-Gharbi entered two axes and clashed with supporters.

According to a source in the Salahaddin Operations Command, US advisers were involved in supporting Iraqi forces as well as some small US artillery pieces.



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