Parliament will vote Thursday on freedom of expression and peaceful protest law

Political Since 07/20/2017 00:07 am (Baghdad time)


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Vote in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, the candidates and the law of freedom of expression and peaceful protest human rights commission, according to confirmed Thursday’s meeting agenda.

According to the Presidency of the Council on July 19, 2017 that “the agenda also includes a vote on the Council of State law and recommendations regarding the fulfillment of the martyrs and the wounded and vote on the wording of the resolution submitted by the MP Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu about the genocide of the areas of Tal Afar and Tuz and Taza Khurmatu.”

According to the agenda the meeting will also see the vote on the draft law and provincial council districts, counties and completed voting on the draft guests and depositors Bill and the Commercial Agency Law and other bills. ”

The House of Representatives held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of its Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 213 deputies, and the agenda of the meeting included a vote on a number of laws, including the refusal to vote on the assumption of Huda Abdul Malik Abdul Ghafoor al-Ani, to the post of Chairman of the Federal Service Council.

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