Abadi , responding to the United Nations addressed a letter to the Kurds: in their interest to be with Iraq

 Abadi, responding to the United Nations addressed a letter to the Kurds: in their interest to be with Iraq
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

Twilight News Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi / on Tuesday rejected a UN report on the Iraqi government to impose collective punishment on the families of Dhuoha it belongs to the organization Daesh.

The United Nations envoy to Iraq, Jan Kubis called yesterday by a report yesterday in front of the organization in New York Abadi to stop collective punishment against some families, referring to the families of the organization Daesh.

Ebadi said in the weekly conference held today after meeting his ministers, he said that “collective punishment has no place among us”, calling on international organizations to verify the release of their information about Iraq.

The Abadi said the support of the Iraqi government to rally popular pro-Iraqi forces with a Shiite majority and to increase financial budget from the state treasury, support way by saying, “We will not allow the theft of the efforts of the fighters and exploitation of political parties will not allow those parties that financed their election campaigns dedicated to the fighters of money.”


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