We are Stabilizing IQD Exchange Rate without a space for Speculation: CBI Governor


On Sunday, the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank issued a statement that main objective of CBI is to stabilize the balance between the sale of U.S dollar and demand in the domestic markets. He also added that the sustainability shouldn’t be considered an edge of speculation and huge profits. The Governor of CBI delivered his words in a press interview with Alsumaria News and indicated that the Bank is looking to maintain a balance between the sales of U.S dollar and to keep it stable. He pointed out that the balance of foreign currency has become strong in the past couple of years and there isn’t any kind of space for speculation and huge profits. He added that Iraq has been experiencing some exceptional circumstances and a significant amount of decline in the global oil prices was considered one of the major reasons behind the economic and financial crisis in the country.

He added that there were two choices in front of the policy of Iraqi Central Bank, whether to respond the U.S dollar to prevent the speculations. But, it would be more costly in the reduction of foreign currency reserves at the CBI due to the foreign currency sale process or accept a margin of increase in the U.S dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar currency. He said that the Iraqi Central Bank was looking to maintain a balance between two objectives. He said that CBI was established as an independent bank under the law implemented on 6th March 2004. The Iraqi Central Bank is an independent body and responsible to maintain Iraqi dinar exchange rate and to implement its monetary policy. He added that the Central Bank of Iraq is also supervising 10 commercial banks, 16 Islamic banks, 26 waged banks, 19 foreign banks, 6 financial institutions and at least 31 financial conversion companies.



One thought on “We are Stabilizing IQD Exchange Rate without a space for Speculation: CBI Governor

  1. People be freakin. for no reason.

    This is a translation… it is arabish.
    It is talking about NOW.. the auctions…
    speculators making profits NOW…
    it is focused on Iraq

    The people panicking around their computers..
    are short sighted…
    readin this article in English…
    focused on themselves..
    not understanding Arabish.. context…intent.. time frame discussed.

    Calm the hell down, freak out people.

    ~ Blue

    Just sayin’….


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