UNAMI: The United Kingdom is contributing $ 5.2 million to a project to stabilize Iraq


Reconstruction and construction
Economy News _ Baghdad

The UN mission announced to help Iraq, “UNAMI,” on Monday, the contribution of the Government of the United Kingdom an additional $ 5.2 million US dollars for the project re of the United Nations Development Program stability.

According to a statement of the mission “Economy News” received a copy of it, that “the amount funded by quick initiatives in the editor of control Daesh areas,” noting that “this amount, bringing the total contribution of the United Kingdom in the project about $ 15 million to date and will continue to support Iraq in its march towards recovery. ”

The statement added that “re-stabilization project to help according to the priorities determined by the Government of Iraq and local authorities to speed up the restoration of public infrastructure rehabilitation, and the provision of grants to small enterprises, and strengthen the capacity of local governments, and to encourage civic action and community reconciliation, in addition to providing short-term employment opportunities through public works programs. ”

The statement quoted the resident representative of UNDP in Iraq Lise Grande as saying that “the magnitude of the devastation west of Mosul is the worst in Iraq, it has affected 38 districts, including 15 almost devastating. There are currently more than 300 projects under way to restore stability to Mosul, including about 70 projects west of Mosul. ”

These projects promised you a huge start of the work that needs to be accomplished quickly. “



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