Pentagon reveals new information about the “Baghdadi”


History of edits:: 2017/7/17 22:18 • 64 – times readable
{International: Euphrates News} revealed that the US Department of Defense {Pentagon} new information on terrorist gangs Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
A spokesman for the Pentagon {} In a press briefing held on Monday, said that “Baghdadi does not participate in any daily decision – making processes and in the leadership of the terrorists according to our information.”
The cell intelligence hawks of the Interior Ministry, denied yesterday reports about the killing of al – Baghdadi, after the announcement of Russia was killed in Syria air strike late last May with a large number of terrorists at a meeting on the outskirts oftenderness.
The head of the hawks cell and director general of intelligence and anti – terrorist Abu Ali Basri Interior Ministry in a press statement that al – Baghdadi ” is still hiding in Syria outside the city of tenderness.”
He added , “according to information monitoring cells accurate movements, and we are interested in more than anyone else to pursue and hunt down and monitor all the movements of the leader of Daesh and his followers, the hawks cell denies the news of the killing and health information and reports that have been published and promoted recently” .anthy



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