Parliamentary Finance: We applied to the government to cancel the financial deductions for employees


Economy News _ Baghdad

He confirmed the Finance Committee Alnaabh member of Massoud Haider on Monday that the committee submitted a request to the Government to cancel the deductions for employees, noting that discussions are under way with the Ministry of Finance and the government canceled and discuss the financial implications.
Haider said in an interview seen by the “Economy News”, that “all members of the committee with a proposal to cancel the deduction of the employees , ” noting that ” the Finance Committee submitted a request to the government to cancel the deductions and there is a constant discussion with the Ministry of Finance and the government to discuss the issue and to discuss the financial implications.”
He stressed that ” the proposal to cancel the deductions from state employees should be in coordination with the federal government, not a parliamentary decision,” adding that ” the cancellation of financial deductions from staff if it was agreed upon with the Ministry of Finance and create a financial cover for this ratio we do not need to return to the Federal Court because the latter was granted absolute powers to the government on any legislation in which financial implications. ”
Haider said, ” The Parliamentary Finance Committee asked the Ministry of Finance to clarify some of the figures and tables detailed legal texts to be clear to the members of the House of Representatives and be unambiguous and primary goal to support government legislation.”



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