Learn Iraq’s Economic Vision 2030


Economy News _ Baghdad

Iraq is preparing the launch of the economic vision that extends to 2030 during the next autumn in order to develop the economy by giving great facilities for the sector .acial for work and investment in infrastructure

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said earlier, for “economy News”, that the vision of Iraq’s 2030 work to increase the contribution of the private sector in the GDP to 57%, adding that Iraq would be in 2030, a model for the state generating economic institutions – social welfare.

He explained that “the private sector will take the lead role in the leadership of the national economy under the Adiologi humanist and a national concept includes equity in income and wealth and the spread of competitive production guarantor of the efficiency of the distribution,” pointing out that “the state will lead the role of partner and governing the sergeant through the legal infrastructure that require the issuance of laws development systems and regulations that preserve the rights leading to sustainable economic development and stability and to maintain the levels of overall use of the labor force and natural resources and wealth and to prevent speculation and to address the monopoly. “

Economic Commission reduced the House of Representatives, of the importance of the vision of Iraq’s 2030 and claimed that the country can not be applied as a result of the general situation experienced since 2003 until now.

A member of the Committee of Economy parliamentary, Harith al-Harthy, for “economy News”, “ambitions are to carry out the vision of Iraq in 2030, but there are several obstacles generally stand their implementation, including lack of relevant government departments commitment to the application of laws, legislation and possess some of the political parties, economic bodies.”

He noted that “government action is slow not in harmony with the project posed by transforming the Iraqi economy from a spending to productive size depends on the agricultural and industrial sectors, mainly the foundation.”

On the other hand, said Vice President of Association of Iraqi economists, on behalf of Jamil Antoine, for “Economy News”, “Vision Iraq 2030 aims to transform Iraq’s economy from a spending to productive to ease the burden on the oil sector, which supports the financial budget very large,” he said “the vision requires attracting the Iraqi capital from outside the country through the special legislation of laws and the development of appropriate ground for investment and work in the country.”

He stressed “the importance of the legislation of the law for retirement includes working in only the private sector in addition to providing jobs for new graduates, who numbered more than 200 thousand people,” noting that “the private sector attracts annually (450 500) thousand jobs.”

He noted that “the vision aims to achieve self-sufficiency in the agricultural and industrial sectors and change the course of the economy to yield productive and not rely on oil production completely.”

The director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Novell Abu Hassan Barns, announced Friday July 14 2017, Iraq will present in the autumn to see “Iraq 2030” to develop its economy in cooperation with international and local expertise



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