Kubiš calls Abadi stop the “collective punishment”, Erbil and Baghdad dialogue on thefate of Kurdistan

Kubiš calls Abadi stop the "collective punishment", Erbil and Baghdad dialogue on the fate of Kurdistan
 27 minutes ago

Twilight News / called on the United Nations envoy to Iraq , both Arbil and Baghdad enter a dialogue on the fate of the province of Kurdistan , which is preparing to hold a referendum on independence next September.
He called on Jan Kubiš during a briefing on Iraq to the UN Security Council , Iraqi Prime Minister to stop the collective punishment against some families, referring to the families of the organization Daesh.
He said that the defeat of the organization Daesh ultimately can not be guaranteed only through comprehensive solutions, and to address grievances, and the needs and aspirations of the Iraqis.
He called on the Iraqi government also to do “everything” to secure the safe and dignified life for Iraqis, especially the population of the areas controlled by Daesh, “must convert the gains made in the military victory to the stability and security, justice and development.”


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