At the request of Baghdad … The European Union agrees to prepare a civilian security development mission



The Council of the European Union (EU) announced Monday that it had agreed to set up a civilian security development mission in Baghdad after a previous request from the Iraqi authorities.

The Council of the European Union (EU) said the council adopted a crisis management concept for a new civilian mission for the sustainable development program in Iraq.

“The mission will focus on assisting the Iraqi authorities in implementing the civilian aspects of Iraq’s security strategy and EU experts will provide advice and assistance in priority areas of action that respond to the needs of the authorities concerned,” he said.

“The national security strategy aims at building government institutions capable of consolidating security and peace, preventing conflicts under the rule of law and identifying serious threats to Iraqi national security, including corruption, terrorism, political instability and ethnic and sectarian polarization,” he said.

“In response to the Iraqi authorities’ request for support in the area of ​​civil security reform, the European Union has agreed to prepare a civilian mission for the Baghdad security development program and adopt the concept of crisis management to launch a new mission for the sustainable development program,” he said.



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