An advisory security mission to Iraq to help the government reform its security services




17-07-2017 02:25 PMThe Euphrates –

European Union foreign ministers agreed on Monday to send a security advisory mission to Iraq to help the government reform the security services.

The Council said in a press statement that European experts will provide the Iraqi government with the necessary advice in the areas of reform of the security services. Adding that the national security strategy aims at building institutions capable of ensuring security and peace, preventing crises within the rule of law and monitoring all threats to national security, including the dangers of terrorism, corruption, political instability and sectarian and ethnic polarization.

The decision by the foreign ministers to start the preparatory work on the details of the security advice plan and the training stages and the European cadres they will be mandated to implement in Baghdad.

The European Security Mission complements the efforts of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which in turn is responsible for the training of Iraqi officers in the areas of counter-terrorism, in addition to the security and defense agreements concluded by the Iraqi government on a bilateral level with a number of Western countries.


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