Parliamentary Finance 7 trillion dinars increase in the budget of the supplementary 2017



A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Masood Haider, on Sunday, for an increase in the federal budget 7 trillion dinars, indicating that the increase will be part of the distribution ofsalaries and benefits for farmers and contractors, as well as the reconstruction of the liberated areas of Daesh.
Haider said in a press interview followed the “Economy News”, that “the House of Representatives will discuss the supplementary budget because the federal government changed the budget price ofoil is estimated from $ 42 to $ 44.40 and the quantities of exported oil is 3.75 million barrels ,including the region ‘s oil.”
He added that “there is an increase in the budget 100 trillion dinars to 107 trillion in addition to anincrease in revenue of 79 trillion to 83 trillion, that there is an increase in the budget by 7% , ” explaining that “spending also increased more than the revenue in which It led to an increase in thedeficit. ”
He noted that “the budget deficit were 21 trillion is now 25 trillion,” he said . “7 trillion of theincrease in the budget allocated than three trillion to investment expenditure to go to the liberated areas and placed special budget item, you must a lot of money allocated to areas liberated, especially the districts and sub – districts in the provinces that were under the control of Daesh. ”
He stressed that ” the other part of the money added to the budget has been allocated as receivables for farmers and peasants of the years from 2014 to 2017, the last of which was allocated to the entitlements of contractors in the federal government and pay the salaries of part of the Iraqi government employees and retirees.”
He explained that “this budget complementary, and we will integrate this supplementary budget with the materials that have been challenged by the government and there are discussions with the Ministry of Finance and the government to reach a uniform agreement.”
The federal budget for Iraq, for the year 2017, 100 trillion ($ 84.7 billion), and a projected deficit 21 trillion ($ 17.7 billion).



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