IS Executes 12 Commanders over Escaping Fight in Tel Afar 


IS Executes 12 Commanders over Escaping Fight in Tel Afar 

MOSUL — the Islamic State (IS) militants in Tel Afar executed 12 of their commanders, as a punishment for trying to flee the area, a local source said on Sunday.

According to the source, the IS front in Tel Afar has collapsed after the group’s defeat in Mosul, as a large number of IS militants were killed by the Iraqi forces.

Several other news outlets from the day before reported that clashes had broken out between members of the IS Takfiri group at a mosque in Tel Afar, as a result of which four insurgents were killed or injured.

Another local source, who spoke to Al Sumaria News on condition of anonymity, explained that the extremist group is witnessing a breakup, due to increasing internal differences, which has led to several clashes between the group’s militants.

The IS commanders in Tel Afar declared the town “an independent state,” separated from the self-proclaimed IS “caliphate,” shortly after the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi announced the complete liberation of Mosul.

However, the anonymous source added that the town is currently controlled by Arab and foreign IS militants with no local leaders, which has made the situation in the town even more unstable, due to the arising mass executions and internal clashes.


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