Iraqi deputy: 107 trillions dinars increase in the federal budget



Iraqi deputy: 107 trillions dinars increase in the federal budget
Part of the meeting of the Iraqi Council of Representatives during the vote on the federal budget law

Direct : A member of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, an increase in the federal budget in the state by 107 trillion dinars, quoting the Iraqi news agency “conscious”.

Massoud Haider said the federal government has changed the budget for oil from $ 42 to $ 44.4.

He said Haider: “The amount of oil exported about 3.75 million barrels, including the oil of the region,” according to “conscious”.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives is currently discussing, as Haider said, the supplementary budget of the state.

Haidar pointed to a surplus in the budget, which rose from 100 trillion dinars to 107 trillion dinars.

As revenue increases from 79 trillion dinars to 83 trillion dinars, a growth in the budget equivalent to 7%, according to the agency.

“There is also an increase in spending, which in turn led to an increase in the deficit,” he said.

The deficit in the state budget 25 trillion dinars, compared with the previous level of 21 trillion dinars, according to the agency.

The MP said that 3 trillion was allocated as investment expenses for the liberated areas of the organization is urging.

He concluded by saying that Baghdad will merge this supplementary budget with the materials that have been challenged by the Iraqi government, through talks with the Ministry of Finance and the government of the state.

It should be noted that the Iraqi Financial Budget Act of 2017, was voted by the House of Representatives on 7 December last, and was applied on 1 January 2017.


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