A military parade with the participation of the popular crowd in Diwaniyah



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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The province of Diwaniyah, on Sunday, a large military parade with the participation of different military units and the popular crowd in the province, on the occasion of Victory Week celebrations and the liberation of Mosul province from the control of the Daqash organization.

Diwaniyah governor and head of the Supreme Security Committee Sami al-Hasnawi said that “the victorious efforts achieved victory in Mosul, through the first two military and the other logistical provided by the citizens,” praising “all the types of security forces that participated in the liberation.”

“The victory was achieved with the participation of all Iraqis with the security forces. The anti-terrorism apparatus, the federal police and the Iraqi army were fighting side by side with the volunteer citizens in the popular crowd,” he said.

For his part, Diwaniyah police chief Brigadier Farqad al-Issawi told Baghdad today that “the military review witnessed the participation of all types of security forces in the province, in addition to some of the forces involved in the liberation operations,” adding that “the review also witnessed the participation of the popular crowd, Editorial processes “.

It is noteworthy that the review, which was attended by Diwaniya Governor Sami al-Hasnawi and the provincial police chief and representatives of the provincial council and a number of families of martyrs and tribal elders and citizens, witnessed the presence of senior military figures from the people of Diwaniyah, who participated in the liberation of Mosul, including the commander of special forces in the anti-terrorism team, Aridi and the commander of the ninth division of the Iraqi army, Lieutenant General Qassem Nazzal.



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