70 degrees Celsius in Iraq and other countries next week

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confirmed astrophysicists that in the beginning of the week will be very hot, because of the “anthrax extreme heat”, which begins next Sunday in the Middle East, a seasonal phenomenon taking place in climatic conditions in Saudi Arabia and other Arab regions, such as Iraq, Kuwait, Libya and Algeria, the regions the hottest in the world.

During this period , temperatures in the shade to 50 and 70 Celsius under the sun ‘s rays. 

The phenomenon of “anthrax extreme heat” in the Middle East , a transitional period of 52 days, starting from the middle of the father and extends until the end of August , where temperatures peaking up to 50 degrees Celsius in the shade and exceed 70 under the sun ‘s rays. 

This seasonal phenomenon is characterized by severely bitten by the sun and fierce ground and high humidity on the coast, and the severity of the winds of toxins. And during which the heat lasts for late hours of the night. 

Astronomers are divided, according to news Web sites, the phenomenon of “anthrax extreme heat” to 3 stages, namely: Gemini, and where an air temperature record levels, followed by the second phase, namely: Mistirm and final Alklippin. 

Astronomers say that this phenomenon works on coloring the fruits of dates and show Bwakirh, where they pass through the perfusion process dates in three stages: Besbag color and Oostha cook dates, most recently Jidad palm trees, and in this last stage , the temperature peak. 

The reason for the scientific for “cinder extreme heat” is a low – India seasonal , which increases its activity during this period, and extends to the Caspian and desert Iran Sea and retained in the Zagros Mountains, and then turns into a hot air currents sweeping Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which called the warnings Meteorological Agency in Saudi Arabia temperature rise in a number of areas.



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