Parliamentary Finance: Telecommunications Law and in the event of approval seder profits equal to oil revenues


BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – July 15: claimed the Committee on Culture and Information Parliamentary Saturday that the adoption of the new Media Commission Act and Communications will contribute to the provision of substantial financial resources of the state. ” 


This comes Tosaba to send the Media Commission Act and communications to Parliament after making amendments to it in preparation for the legislation in the coming sessions, indicating that “the amendments made to the law represented the integration of a number of paragraphs contained in the transmitted version by the federal government with those prepared in advance of the Committee in this that subject to approval during the current legislative term of the House of Representatives. “
He noted that “the proceeds of the law, if approved, may be similar to or greater than resources accruing to the country’s oil production, especially after the recent amendments that have been added to the drafting of the law being housed in it the technical aspects and administrative,” pointing out that “drafting has in accordance with the jurisdiction of body, which includes follow-up activity of mobile phone companies and organize the work of the telecommunications sector in the country as well as follow-up work of the satellite channels and radio frequency spectrum and obtaining finance charges from operating in the sectors of media and communication institutions. ” Ended O.h





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