Kurdish official: Lanaih Kurdistan secede from Iraq .. referendum to resolve problems

Kurdish official: Lanaih Kurdistan secede from Iraq .. referendum to resolve problems
32 minutes ago

Twilight News / official in the Iraqi Kurdistan government considered that thereferendum on the independence of the territory scheduled to take place in September / September is a negotiating tactic to put pressure on Baghdad to fulfill itspromises on energy and power – sharing files.
Through Nazim Dabbagh, which represents the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq in Tehran, fears of attack Iraqi forces Kurdish sites after the completion of theliberation of Mosul al Daesh.
But he stressed that Iraq ‘s Kurds prefer to remain part of Iraq, despite the call for a referendum on independence on 25 September / September.
Dabbagh told AFP , “We are doing this (the referendum) to solve our problems in Iraq. So far, we have no intention of separation.”
“We do not feel that Iraq accepts us. For this reason, we seek to take advantage ofappropriate opportunities, through diplomacy, parliament, and the people, in order toclaim our rights. If they do not want ( the Iraqi authorities) to solve our problems .Our people ready to sacrifice.”
Dabbagh accused Baghdad of not fulfilling its promises listed in the main Iraqi constitution in 2005, including the solution of Kirkuk, the city located on the border between the province of Kurdistan , which enjoys self – governing and the rest ofIraq.
Asked if he was concerned about the possibility of attacking the Iraqi army and theforces of the Shiite crowd popular for the Kurdistan Region, ” one hundred percent answered. That ‘s what I fear.”


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