After excluding flight attendants Kabarat..anakl structured section in the Altadhaev Airlines


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[Baghdad: Wayne]
The Ministry of Transport announced the restructuring of the Department of Altadhaev Iraqi Airways.
Said Transport Minister Kazem cup Hamami, in a statement quoted by the media ministry said Saturday that “steps are under way to restructure Altadhaev section of the Iraqi Airways, has embarked on the first step toexclude stewardesses was born in 1955, 1956.1957.”
“The move is to ensure the success of the work of the Department Altadhaev commensurate with therequirements of the stage to be the airlines par Arab and international lines, and that Iraqi Airways has set up several courses for the department Altadhaev.”
He noted that ” the ministry will open new courses in accordance with international standards for theacceptance of hosts and hostesses in order to supplement the airline young energies that will face a bright represents Iraq through the Iraqi Airways.”

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