of the Saudi monarch and last spoken to al -Abadi said Iraqis have concluded the region and the world from the enemy


Saudi Arabia and the last spoken to al-Abadi said Iraqis have concluded the region and the world from the enemy
 Twilight News    
 22 minutes ago

Twilight News / Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Friday that the latter received a phone call from Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

The office said in a statement, said King Salman “congratulated the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces and freed the city of Mosul, praising the courage super-Iraqi forces and the Iraqi government with wisdom and leadership.”

For his part, al-Abadi said during the call that “the Iraqis to fight them and their sacrifices have concluded the region of a terrorist enemy brutal threatened the region and the world”, persisting by saying that “cooperation between these countries should continue until the elimination of the last terrorist.”

He stressed Abadi, according to the statement to “continue the joint cooperation in the areas of counter-terrorism as well as economic and trade fields to achieve the interests of the two peoples and the two brotherly neighbors.”

The Abadi announced last week the end of military operations in the city of Mosul and freed from the grip of the organization Daesh completely after battles lasted for several months.



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