Macgork: I welcome the return of trade routes between Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan

Journal July 14, 2017

BAGHDAD – The Journal News 

said the US president ‘s envoy for the International Alliance Brett Macgork, Friday, allocating more than one billion dollars by the United Nations for the reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas in Iraq, and welcomed the return of trade routes between Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan.
Said Macgork at a news conference, “During the International Alliance of yesterday’s meeting of the United Nations identified about $ 1.3 billion after-Daesh focuses three quarters of the amount of stability in Mosul and the areas most affected.”
He explained that “the long-term Government of Iraq has developed plans for economic reform and investment until 2030 through the Vision 2030 provided by the World Bank plan,” he said, adding that Washington welcomes Kuwait’s initiative to host a meeting to rebuild Iraq in the long term the beginning of next year, as the the United States fully supports this initiative and applaud Iraq to work with the World Bank and the international Monetary Fund to stabilize the economic position. ”
“I welcome the historic openness between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which began to visit the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Abadi last month, also welcome the ongoing work to restore important trade between Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan ways.”
He Macgork that “the situation in Syria is more complicated, we have no government to work with them or credible political future allows the Syrians determine their fate later the Assad regime.”


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