envoy Trump: That ‘s what I said to Ebadi and Barzani on a referendum of independence for Kurdistan

Envoy Trump: This is what I said to Ebadi and Barzani on a referendum of independence for Kurdistan
 Twilight News    
 20 minutes ago

Twilight News / Brett Macgork US president’s envoy to the international coalition in Iraq and Syria against Daesh on Friday renewed his country’s position on the independence referendum scheduled to take place on 25 of the month of September in the territory, saying the time is not suitable for it. “

He said Macgork in a press statement, that last week we made consulted to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on the referendum, and we told them we are not with the referendum in the month of September this year.

He added that according to the Iraqi constitution, this issue be resolved through dialogue, saying that the support way to hold the referendum in this hasty time especially as he imagined could lead to a state of instability.

He said he had Macgork our house is clearly that we support all parties to hold dialogues, noting that a delegation from Baghdad had recently visited Erbil has been discussed on several issues, and we believe that it is necessary to hold dialogues and agreements on the referendum.

The envoy said that the Trump organization Daesh is not over yet, which is in the south of the Kurdistan Region of Tal Afar and Hawija southwest of Kirkuk, adding that the process of liberalization Hawija will be very difficult, and will be involved by the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga.

He concluded by saying that Macgork so the timing is not appropriate to hold the referendum, pointing out that we have explained it clearly and now dialogues taking place in this field.



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