US pledged an additional $ 119 million to help Iraq


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} US special envoy to the international coalition said, at a meeting on Thursday that Washington had pledged to allocate $ 119 million in additional humanitarian aid in Iraq after the restoration of Mosul Daesh.
At a meeting of the International Alliance Against Daesh, in Washington , Brett Mcgork urged to make efforts to raise funds to restore stability to areas in Syria and Iraq to expel them Daesh.
Said Mcgork at the beginning of the meeting , “We have identified 100 vital site needs to restore stability in and around Mosul and will be replaced is the urgent focus of mine clearance operations and reform.”
He added that ” the United States last week announced the allocation of $ 150 million for programs that stability, and today we announce the allocation of more than $ 119 million for humanitarian aid and additional hope to see similar contributions from our partners in this room in the coming weeks” .anthy

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