The popular crowd announce his participation in the liberation of Hawija and areas of non-liberated process


History of edits:: 2017/7/13 17:13 • 104 times readable
{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced the board of the popular crowd participation of the crowd forces in the restoration of Hawija and the process areas is liberated.
A statement to inform the crowd and the Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it today a spokesman for the Popular Authority crowd Ahmad al – Asadi said on Thursday that the “popular crowd will participate in the liberation of Hawija and process areas is liberated from terrorist Daesh gangs.”
He added that the “popular crowd continues to address the exposure Daesh criminal west of Mosul, referring to” inflict Daesh great losses in lives and equipment. ”
He noted al – Asadi that” the popular crowd yesterday managed to annihilate a convoy Daasha consisting of seven wheels west of the city of Mosul, “he said . ” killing all of it. ”
and that” the basis of the popular crowd element in all the victories achieved on Daesh and it would be a joint head in the liberation of Hawija and all regions is liberated. “end quote



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