of Iraq signed a contract with the company “General Electric” to invest in gas fields

Iraq signs a contract with the company "General Electric" to invest in gas fields
51 minutes ago

Twilight News Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Allaibi / said on Thursday that the ministry plans to implement past strategy to secure fiscal revenue to the treasury of the Iraqi state and the development of the oil industry.

This came during a ceremony hosted by the ministry to sign a contract for the project to invest optimal gas in the fields of Nasiriyah and Gharraf with General Electric Company, represented by (Baker Hughes), for the production of dry and liquid condensate gas and gas.

A defect that the project represents a transmission, the quality of the gas investment process and will be implemented in the first two-stage implementation of the facility for drying and gas pressure (70-100 million standard cubic feet per day), the second stage is the completion of the project and the construction of a new plant for gas liquids, with a capacity of 200 million standard cubic feet Daily.

The minister pointed out that the project will contribute to stop gas flaring in the fields of Nasiriyah and Gharraf .vdila for dry gas provide for use as fuel for power plants and reduce the use of heavy fuel in those stations, helping to enhance the efficiency of electricity production and reduce the environmental damage.

He added that the Allaibi project will produce hundreds of thousands of tons of gas liquids per year of liquefied petroleum gas and condensate and export the surplus of it to global markets that will return significant revenue to the state treasury form, as well as liquid gas production

The minister said the project will provide many different functions in the two phases of implementation and operation of the people of Dhi Qar province.


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