Minister of Labor discusses with the World Bank the implementation of the program of cash transfers and support for displaced persons and “gender”



Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani discussed with the World Bank team the implementation of the conditional cash transfer program, support for the displaced and the gender program “Gender discrimination against women”.
“The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani discussed with the World Bank team the stages of the completion of the social protection program, including the ongoing preparations for the implementation of the conditional cash transfer pilot program as well as the support of women to work in society and eliminate the qualitative discrimination against them,” the ministry said in a statement. “Sudan discussed with the World Bank during the meeting held on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, the ongoing work on the trial program for conditional cash transfers for education and health to be implemented in the area (Sadr 2) in order to provide the appropriate environment for the implementation of the project In the region in terms of health and education services. ”
“The World Bank presented an explanation of the initial stages of implementation of the project, which will equip researchers with tablets to record information and data of families electronically.”
The statement also pointed out that “the mechanism of support for the implementation of the cash remittance project was discussed and how to study the situation of families that do not send their children to school and not adhere to health vaccines to develop plans and programs that stimulate families to adhere to education and health services. Complementary to the state and the importance of providing the necessary allocations for that. ”
He called on the Sudanese, according to the statement, “the World Bank to assist the Ministry in the rehabilitation of data entry in the provinces through the establishment of training courses to raise the efficiency of work.”
Regarding gender, Al-Sudani said, “This issue is very important especially since there is an idea in the society that women are the breadwinners of the family because of the wars that have been going on in the country so far. The state has a responsibility to ensure its standard of living. Or to provide suitable employment opportunities to enter the labor market, “pointing out that” there is an initiative to operate women in the house is a successful idea, such as the manufacture of pastries and food and in the field of sewing and hairdressing. ”
He explained that “the ministry provides soft loans for women who want to work or create small projects that contribute to raising the standard of living for them and facilitated the procedures and controls to grant loans to encourage them to establish projects.”
“With regard to support for the displaced, the World Bank presented a proposal to assist IDPs returning to their liberated areas, especially in Anbar and Ninewa, through a special program to provide material or in-kind support to them through a loan granted by the World Bank to Iraq to assist families returning to their homes, Other services related to integration and re-confidence of citizens. ”
Al-Sudani said that “the project to support the displaced people is very important at this stage, especially as the country is heading to reconstruct the liberated areas and rehabilitate the basic services there after the destruction and destruction caused by terrorism,” pointing out that “the Ministry of Labor is concerned with community phenomena and works with some organizations on Providing assistance to the families of those areas “.
He stressed that “the ministry will develop a mechanism to direct the social researchers to those areas to provide accurate reading and field conditions there and to indicate the social situation of each family.”


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