Million dinars for each survivor of the Yezidi Daesh


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Higher Committee for Relief and sheltering the displaced it has ratified each IDP survivor Alaesideat allocation million dinars [from the families of the gangs of terrorist Daesh], in coordination with the Ministry ofLabor and Social Affairs and the emphasis on work to support them to overcome psychological crises they have suffered.
The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed dry in a ministry statement received by all ofIraq [where] a copy of it through chaired the regular meeting of the Higher Committee for Relief and shelter displaced people held at the ministry ‘s headquarters in the capital Baghdad , “has discussed a number of files during the meeting , including the end of the fighting in Mosul , the right coast file and the importance ofinitiating the return of stability to areas liberated by the concerned ministries in addition to discussing mechanisms for the return of displaced people to their cities and the emphasis on safety. ”
“The Supreme Committee unanimously agreed to deliver electricity to the camps for displaced people in Husseiniya district of Baghdad , as well as agreeing to set up infrastructure for the camp of displaced Alcrvana in Karbala.”
He pointed to “instruct the Ministry of Health to meet the needs of the Health Department of Arbil and provide them with the necessary medical services.”
The security forces have freed dozens of Yazidis , especially women and children from the families ofterrorists Daesh during the liberation battles.
The oldest Daesh after the terrorist occupation of the city of Mosul and Nineveh province across the regions in June 2014 killing of captives of men and boys Yezidis took the initiative to sell their women and daughters Kspaya in “slave markets” in Mosul and in the Syrian tenderness.

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