Jordanian newspaper: Open Trebil next month, Iraq, Jordanian goods exempt from customs tax

Trebil border with Jordan



The newspaper “opinion” Jordan confirmed on Thursday that the Iraqi government declared victory in Mosul will accelerate the opening of the Trebil border crossing in front of the flow of goods to Iraq, Jordan, expected to open next month, indicating that the positive signals from the Iraqi side to exempt Jordanian goods from customs duties.

Published a Jordanian “opinion” newspaper, a story comes from a Jordanian official who declined to be named, seen by the “Economy News” on it, saying that “positive signals from the Iraqi side on the near deadline for the opening of the crossing and exempt goods Jordanian customs duties imposed by the Iraqi government on imports From outside “.

The source expected that “the next August as the date for the reopening of the crossing based on expectations that the Iraqi government has launched tenders for foreign companies to secure the road between Iraq and Jordan.”

The source “how important the Iraqi market for Jordanian exports which is Iraq’s second-largest export markets to Jordan after the United States means to return things to what they were and confidence to continue the industrial sector growth.”

Iraq has imposed a tax is estimated at 30% on Jordanian exports to him over the past month, making many of the industrialists and exporters are demanding Jordanians represented by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to communicate with the Iraqi side to exclude Jordanian exports from this tax government.


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