Central Bank announces support for the state treasury to “20” trillion dinars


The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords, the central bank is proud to be the reason behind the dam financial and economic Alfjutin suffered by the country during the past two years, indicating that the central bank to support the state treasury 20 trillion dinars.

Keywords and said during his speech at the ceremony hosted by the Central Bank to mark the liberation of Mosul and vassal “Economy News”, “it is our right to be proud of and cherish as a state that we dismantled the largest system of devastation and destruction, murder and superstition, despite the difficult conditions of economic and financial challenges.”

Keywords explained that “the central bank has the right to be proud and proud that bridge the economic and financial Alfjutin during the past two years, which coincided with significant financial challenges, including lower oil prices and oil imports to the country by up to 70%,” pointing out that “the central bank was able to support the state treasury during the last period of approximately 20 trillion dinars, and at the same time he was defending a day and fight for the protection of the national currency and maintain the exchange rate. “





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