Reuters: Iraqi forces clash again with the old Daesh in Mosul two days after the announcement of victory

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Brother – Baghdad

According to “Reuters”, on Wednesday, renewed clashes between security forces and elements of al-Daesh in the old Mosul after more than 36 hours from the announcement of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi achieve a decisive victory over the organization in his stronghold of former president in Iraq.

An Iraqi military official attributed this activity to “cleansing operations” according to Reuters.

The official said that “there are elements of Daesh hiding in different places,” adding: “They’re hiding here and show there.”

He declined to estimate the number of militants and civilians in the region, but the commander of thesteel determination process led by the international coalition in Iraq and Syria , Gen. Stephen Townsend said   that ” a few hundred militants Daesh are still in Mosul.”

“There are excesses, and we have not liquidated every building in this city the size of Philadelphia, and this will have to do, and there are also explosive devices hidden.”

He added, “There are still losses from the Iraqi security forces while continuing to secure Mosul.”

The reinforcements arrived to help Iraqi forces to push elements of al-Daesh armed with machine guns and mortar shells from the western village of Imam, south of the city, after the militants controlled 75 percent of the village.


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