Private Bankers Association congratulates the Iraqi people and the liberation of Mosul from Abadi “Daesh”


Congratulated the Association of private banks, on Tuesday, the Iraqi people and the President of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Haider Abadi, the great victory achieved by the security forces of the liberation of the city of Mosul organization “Daesh” terrorist.

The Association of private banks in the letter sent to the Prime Minister and carried the signature of its president and depositary Handal, seen by the “Economy News”, “I am pleased to lift the prestige holy in my name and the name of the chairmen of the Iraqi private banks departments of all, our deepest congratulations and blessings to declare victory over Aldaasha hateful terrorism perch on the issuance of the sons Mouselna beloved “mother of Two Springs”, three lean years. “

She added, “As we raise through you, to the Iraqi our people and our armed forces heroine in all its different forms and its affiliates, an army and a crowd and the fight against terrorism and federal police and rapid intervention and the sons of the tribes deepest congratulations and sought their hands to free up the remaining of our soil precious from the clutches of Aldoaash terrorists.”

She continued, “Do not forget we are in the midst of our celebration of the victory brilliant in Mosul, the generous sacrifices made by the people of our armed forces heroine in order to kohl eyes of Iraqis this great victory, we pray to the Almighty to grant the soul of our innocent martyrs rest in peace and to bless the wounded a speedy recovery.”



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