Iraq recovered

7/12/2017 4:16

Hussein Tgb
new waited that occurs on the reality of Iraq after the cycle of war that hit the economic life almost completely paralyzed and disrupted the process of construction , which is the other income were not the level of ambition.
Today our country is recovering to achieve victory over the mightiest forces of terrorism which caused risk to most countries of the world and threaten their security
Vanasr put Iraq in front of the threshold of a new stage and warned all the countries of the world that this country is not weak but managed to insist making “Daesh” terrorist , which includes the elements of most of the nationalities of the world and the professionals of war, has managed the Iraqi security system dismantled and destroyed . This is proof that making security Iraq is not impossible , and capabilities that defeated the forces of darkness able to achieve security and stability throughout Iraq , from Kurdistan to
Basra. We are in front of a new stage after the wait for the international effort advanced and specialized stage to prove Iraq ‘s existence, the day of this goal and prove to the whole world that he was on the path of achieving security and stability , which is a magnet for capital and technology advanced that we desperately need in all productive sectors
and service. Great security Vanasr represents a gateway to achieve economic victory toachieve a broader and well – being transferred to the country is better , and change theshape of the national economy, especially that most of the specialized international companies realize the importance of Iraq in the economic arena  of
We have all the ingredients of economic advancement and victory in the productive and service sectors and to compensate our people for long suffering due to the deterioration of services and lack of employment opportunities, we have to walk the real development paths that require to be selected international effort specialist careful and deliberate from the real experts from the public and private sectors must be the world ‘s largest economic blocs, and the reason so that these specialized companies carried out by methods and quality of fear that affects its reputation and does not accept manipulation of ill dealings, and this is what we wish we seek sustainable development that will move us to be a global influential We are a really well as we have all the riches of the great cities  of
Iraq. Iraq After this great victory goes back to restore international status among the countries of the world and prove that he is capable of rapid economic recovery to stand his place appropriate among the major economies of the world and have economic eighth tiger, especially after it became the focus of a major international attention and directed attention to him from every


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