Abadi: No amnesty for terrorists and will not allow the return of the speech and inciting sectarian {expanded}

History of edits:: 2017/7/12 15:21

{Baghdad} Euphrates News Park Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Iraqis in Mosul, the great victory, stressing not to allow the return of the sectarian and inflammatory rhetoric, calling on the world not to tolerate terrorists.

A statement from his office and Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it today in a speech Abadi , opened by the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday , “his blessing to all Iraqis , the great victory achieved in Mosul , the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded and their families.” 

According to Abadi , according to the statement that “Our heroes are human rights defenders and sacrifice themselves for the liberation of the human and save civilians, and supportive of the government ‘s efforts to defend human rights and be held accountable for any violation.” 

“On the humanitarian organizations to ensure and verify the sources and rejoicing see the people of Mosul and welcomed the Iraqi forces liberated,” surprising “sadness and some wailing at the height of the joy of the Iraqi people in this victory.”

He also asked , “Where was the role of the organizations when they were the sons of Mosul Daesh kill and destroy everything?”. 

He stressed Abadi , “not to allow the return of speech inciting sectarian and described the speech Aldaasha”, calling on the world to “zero tolerance with terrorists, adding , ” We must not escape any terrorist punishment and will not issue an amnesty for terrorist killers. ” He 

also stressed that” the direction of future government must be centered on the economic side, development, and education , which is the basis for the rise of the state and society, and the need to fight corruption , which has hurt the state and society, and to activate the law. ” 

saluted all supporting battle efforts and all those who put the word correct its place and contributed to achieving victory. 

the Amnesty international” Amnesty “I have been published yesterday acknowledge Lyra demanded the formation of an independent commission to investigate crimes against civilians in Mosul , “may have been committed by the terrorist Daesh or even the Iraqi forces and the international coalition that backed gangs. 

It is said that Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said on the first victory of the liberated city of Mosul and the collapse of terrorism Aldaasha .anthy



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