Abadi confirms the government’s orientation of the economy and the Council of Ministers approved the invitation of companies to implement the port of Faw

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

confirmed Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the government went to the investment sector, in what the cabinet approved a call Acharkan to implement the project port of Faw in Basra province.

A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that Abadi Park in the opening speech by the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday , “for all Iraqis , the great victory achieved the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded and their families, stressing that our heroes are human rights defenders and they sacrifice themselves for the liberation of man and save the civilian government and supportive of the efforts to defend human rights and be held accountable for any violation. ” 

He called on “humanitarian organizations to ensure and verify the sources and see rejoicing the people of Mosul and welcomed the Iraqi Balfouat liberated, surprising sadness and wailing some at the height of the joy of the Iraqi people , this victory, and wondered where the role of the organizations when they Daesh kill Mosul ‘s sons and destroy everything?”. 

Abadi stressed “not to allow the return of sectarian and inflammatory rhetoric, calling the speech Aldaasha, calling on the world not to tolerate terrorists , ” he said . ” We must not Evelt any terrorist punishment and will not issue an amnesty for terrorist killers.” 

He stressed that ” the future our approach should be focused on economic and development side, which is the educational foundation for the renaissance of the state and society, and the need to fight corruption , which has hurt the state and society, and to activate the law.” 

Abadi and saluted “all efforts in support of the battle and all put the right word and shares its place to achieve victory, and emphasis was placed on the liberalization move all Iraqi territory and a plan to restore stability and displaced persons and services for the liberated areas.” 

As alive cabinet effort of relief and large humanitarian response in the care of the displaced and the provision of appropriate camps for about one million displaced people, “adding that” this government effort Iraqi was despite weak global contributions compared to the size of the challenges and the humanitarian needs enormous. ” 

Discussed the Council of Ministers in its meeting today “draft resolutions prepared for his agenda, and agreed to exclude a piece of residential land numbered 2/200 District 15 Aldhnh belonging to the integrity of the proceedings public auction for the purpose possessed to the staff of the integrity Commission.” 

the cabinet approved the “proposed amendment first of the law is Yale political parties , No. 36 of the year 2015 submitted by the House of Representatives taking the observations of the Council of Ministers, in addition to the approval of the loan agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency aimed at encouraging the development economy, and to authorize the Deputy Minister of Finance to sign the Hartha electrical project with the Japanese side. ” 

The President of the Council of Ministers ” to negotiate with the company Hanwha harlow] towards reducing the wages of marketing and management service apartments new Basmajh residential and raise as a result of the negotiation of the Council of Ministers.” 

the Council decided “part of the piece of land sale in the Utaifiyya region Foundation eye social welfare without allowance.” 

He acknowledged ” a memorandum of understanding with the US side for the processing of wheat, the Council also approved the establishment of the Ministry of Commerce to negotiate, contracting and procurement for the processing of the subjects of rice and wheat for the benefit of the ration card.” 

The Council of Ministers agreed “to increase the provision for the tanker project lines for water Basra , the loan amount, also approved the Council of Ministers to invite companies to submit bids for the project port of Faw through investment.”



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