Military analyst: big signs and the killing of al-Baghdadi documents confirm submission of his successor within a week


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said military analyst Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, there are significant indications that the killing of a guerrilla leader Daesh terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Khalaf said, during an interview with Al – Furat satellite, the “big indicators on thenews of the killing of al – Baghdadi ‘s health,” adding that ” the Iraqi intelligence got a document confirming start trading the news of al – Baghdadi killed during the week toprovide another to replace it, and there are assurances from the intelligence services close to confirm the vision of al – Baghdadi in Albu Kamal , a wounded moving very slowly and wearing a certain type of clothing critical and serious condition. ”
He added, “With these reports can not go to forget the topic that al – Baghdadi isgoing through a decline Daesh in Iraq and Syria, under heavy blows and can not issue a voice or hang of it as a symbol of this criminal organization.”
He stressed that “his death is almost approaching the truth is very large, and only what is useful if destroyed Daesh lost power and the Caliph is not talking about it isgoing through the plight of the leadership of The organization.”
He pointed behind, that ” the battle of Mosul and defeat Daesh in his stronghold different from the battles led by the armed forces and the circumstances of any troops had maintained military performance and prevent them from sacrifices in thebattle of Mosul , different verse , where emphasis was placed on the preservation of civilians, so the battle of the new calibrator and by all standards. ”
He continued, ” The bulk of the military file Daesh ended, and other files can go once and ends with this file and then turn to the border and priorities.”
And the liberation of Tall Afar , west of Mosul, said Maj . Gen. Khalaf, “there were visions of Turkish concerns were transferred to the US side as an ally of Iraq and Turkey from America important allies, that part of the popular crowd of three formations of the people of Tal Afar and lost their property and their women, which could generate some kind of revenge for other residents. ”
Said Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, yesterday, achieving a brilliant victory on Daesh gangs in Mosul , the collapse of the state myth and terror Aldaasha, stressing unity, on his way to salute supreme religious authority , which launched a fatwa declared jihad Ulkipaia, stressing that the victory achieved planning Iraqis and Qtalem.anthy


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