Celebrating: Victory Statement Bring happiness to the hearts of all Iraqis


12/7/2017 4:16 am

Governorates / Morning Reporters
All confirmed that the day of 10 August 2017, will remain a memory stuck in the minds of successive generations, and how does not remain where the declaration of the liberation of the second largest city of Iraq from the hands of gangs, “calling” criminal, the statement of victory Enter joy to the hearts of all Iraqis without exception, and through everyone in Iraq From north to south of his joy in his way, even children and boys also expressed their joy in the victory statement announced by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi on Monday.
Scenes of joy
As soon as the announcement of the Prime Minister victory statement, the events of victory celebration started in various provinces of Iraq, has seen the whole world through satellite channels and social networking sites. In Diyala province, our correspondent (Nabil Al-Shammari) observed the festive atmosphere and the joy that prevailed over its surroundings, Women and spread roses over the heads of the members of the controls and Almorabat, and Alkkv that rose in praise and thank God for the victory of Iraq in its battle against the forces of evil and atonement and criminality.

Various festive events
The activities of the expression “joy” in Baquba, the center of the province and the province of Khalis and areas of Habhab and New and Mandali and Kanan and Abi Sidon and Muqdadiya and Zahirat and Beni Saad, the activities were different and varied, as the youth group started cars roaming the streets amid songs and national songs and greet the passers-by and the security forces deployed In cafes, restaurants and markets, the echoes of the loudspeakers that broadcast national anthems rose, while the elderly and the mothers of the martyrs rose up with praise and thanks to God for their generosity in the success of the heroic security forces, while there were those who sacrificed the sacrifices, Pray.
In a heartening scene, dozens gathered at the intersection of Jerusalem, the main entrance to the city of Baquba to receive a federal police officer colonel rank, one of the participants in the liberation of Mosul was greeted with a warm welcome and deliver to his home Ahazij and cheers.
The most important features of these events are the celebrations of children and boys, so they had the best part of singing and dancing with all spontaneity and innocence. They stayed for long hours until the end of the night firing fireworks and gathering in the streets of neighborhoods and alleys, chanting national songs and dancing with joy in a scene that brought joy and pleasure. In the hearts of everyone, and exchange phrases (liberated Mosul .. their death to Daash .. the army took the Mosul .. Ahnh Vaznh .. Ktlohm Daas).

Events of Victory Week
Governor of Wasit Malek Khalaf al-Saidi, announced in an interview with the correspondent of “Sabah” Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi, the launch of the events of victory victory in the announcement of the liberation of Mosul Mosul gangs, “Daash” criminal, explaining that the celebration includes artistic, cultural and literary events in coordination with the Union of Writers, The Department of the Cultural House and the Department of School Activity of the Directorate of Education Governorate.
He pointed out that the events will include the establishment of artistic festivals, literary and poetry evenings, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions documenting the crimes of the preachers and the victories of our armed forces and the popular crowd of champions. He pointed out that the events of the victory week will be under the supervision of a special committee so that the events will be centralized.

The beginning of the end of the world terrorism
“Today, the eyes of mothers, widows and orphans have been approved and we have taken revenge on the martyrs of Spyker,” he said. “Today is the day of rehabilitation for mothers, the elderly and the children, the day that generations will pass.” To tell them that the Iraqis were able to liberate their cities without external interference, which is the beginning of the end of terrorism in the world.
The Iraqi people managed to expel the invaders “Al-Dawash” by uniting the ranks and the word and standing a one-man stand. He pointed out that the Iraqis proved today that they are capable of liberating their cities and occupation. The ground without external interference.

Happy celebrations in Karbala
In the holy province of Karbala, the celebrations began with the victory week and the preservation of all its constituencies was expanded, with decorations being raised and participation in all events.
The governor of Karbala Aqil al-Turaihi called for the lifting of the Iraqi flag and the publication of decorations and the organization of events in the state departments all within the activities of the victory week, explaining that the departments began to implement the preparations for the celebration , Karnafala great rejoicing in the return of Mosul and disinfection of the dandruff gangs “dashing” and overthrow the fairy tale.
He added that the province will also organize fun rallies in which citizens will participate as a central festival will be held in which poets and intellectuals will participate, pointing out that the artistic events will be launched in the province, according to its activities and institutions, whether governmental or civil society organizations. He noted that Karbala University will hold a big celebration on this occasion.

Exhibition of paintings
On the other hand, the Husseini Art Division of the Holy Husseiniya threshold opened its exhibition of paintings in the area between the two holy mosques, which embodied the tournaments and sacrifices of the factions of the popular mobs and the security forces of all kinds in their fight against the terrorists of Da’ash, in addition to their humanitarian role in dealing with displaced families .
The exhibition coincides with the popular celebrations of the victory of the gangs, “calling” obscurantism, to highlight the honorable and historical positions of the popular crowd and security forces at present and for future generations.




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