Baghdad celebrates liberation of Mosul, Iraqi flags and fireworks


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Baghdad has urged the Secretariat of all citizens to participate in the grand mass ceremony which will be held on Tuesday evening in Tahrir Square, and greet him with a group of artists to celebrate the victory on the brilliant Daesh gangs.
And congratulated the Secretariat in a statement that ” the Iraqi people ‘s victory over terrorism , ” indicating that ” the celebration of the Christier elite group of artists with the participation of a number of poets and band – Baghdadi box is part of the many events that will be assessed throughout the week victory.”
He noted , “At a time when blesses members of the secretariat of Baghdad ‘ssecurity forces and the heroes of the popular crowd their sacrifices and bravery that have achieved full victory over the gangs Daesh and edit city or Rabiein and the rest of Iraq cities dear to confirm their participation of the Iraqi people celebrations over the whole week through the conduct of all the mechanisms of service in the streets of the capital overprinted Iraqi national flag and national anthems and broadcast slogans through loudspeakers. ”
The statement added, ” The Municipality of Baghdad celebrations will include fireworks in the sky of Baghdad and the organization of a foot march to workers and members of the Department Municipality of Baghdad , carrying the Iraqi flag in the Karkh and Rusafa of the capital , along with the distribution of 42 thousand Iraqi flag in different regions and set up brochures decorations and other events variety continue throughout the week victory. ”
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, announced on Monday, achieving a brilliant victory on Daesh gangs in Mosul , the collapse of the state myth and terror Aldaasha, stressing unity, on his way to salute supreme religious authority , which launched a fatwa declared jihad Ulkipaia, stressing that the victory achieved planning Iraqis and fight them.
General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers also announced the official working disabled on Tuesday to mark the liberation of Mosul and launch events and celebrations to mark the liberation week victory city of Mosul , in coordination with the ministries and government institutions in Baghdad and Mahafezat.anthy

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