Video .. statement announcement edit Mosul

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Khandan –

Iraqi Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi said Monday a statement July 10, 2017 the great victory from the heart of the city of Mosul.

Ebadi said: “From here , from the heart of the free connector liberated, we announce a brilliant victory for all of Iraq and Iraqis, Iraqis are those who care about O, O fighters brave, our unity and the common Besva fought Aldoaash, and we were able to your efforts and your sacrifices and your blood to fail all plans to disperse the Iraqis, Iraq today more units than it, and that our victory today the victory of the brutality and terrorism, and announced here from Mosul to the whole world, the end of the failure of the state myth, announced by Aldoaash from here three years ago, and we were able to achieve victory over this statelet, and to the dustbin of history. ”

He added that ” the heroes and martyrs and the wounded will be in our hearts and minds and will not forget this religion never, and a tribute to their families.”

Ebadi said , “Do not forget to congratulate good reference Mr. Sistani and the fatwa jihadist historical and heroes of all kinds of the victorious forces,” said “Iraqis , O that this victory to you, and these operations were planned and thecompletion of Iraq, the Iraqis did not take part one of the others, the Iraqis are a murderer on the ground, and their right to be proud of in front of our people in front of the world, we did not fight one non – Iraqi, did not sacrifice one non – Iraqis, as we thank all the countries that stood with Iraq against Aldoaash in terms of training and logistical support , air support for our units , combat on the ground. ”

He added Abadi , “We have important is the construction and stability, and this needs to be unity, as united in the fight Daesh must unite in order to stability and the return of displaced people and residents, and victory comes only from God Aziz al – Hakim, lived Iraq victorious.”


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