Mosul .. Anti-terrorism kills 3 suicide battles last few meters

 Twilight News    

 54 minutes ago

Twilight News / managed to force the fight against terrorism from the liquidation of a number of suicide bombers organized Daesh during the last few meters fighting in Mosul. 

Twilight News told a security source, said the anti – terrorism forces managed to kill three suicide bombers from al Daesh wearing explosive belts in the area of the old Kleiaat area in the right coast of the city of Mosul. 

Anti – terrorism forces are armed operations to address pockets of the organization that are still fighting in some alleys and streets zones (Kleiaat and Shahwan). 

Anti – terrorism forces are fighting in the last Daesh sites in Mosul , chasing some of the militants ahead of a final victory. 

Twilight News told a security source, said about 30 militants from the organization Daesh still fighting in the regions and Shahwan Kleiaat within the right coast of the old connector area. 

Iraqi forces launched a campaign restore Mosul in October / last October 17 , with the support of the anti – international coalition to organize the “Daesh” led by the United States of America, and the participation of about 100 thousand of Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga and the popular crowd. 

And they recovered those forces left the entire coast of the city on 24 January, and then began on February 19 restore the right coast campaign.

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