Iraq calls for the launch of its funds frozen in French banks


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Iraq called on France to launch its assets frozen in its banks, saying it looked forward to the continued support of friendly countries.
A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari received a copy of the adoption of Borno AUBIERE the new French ambassador to Baghdad leaves, and wished Jaafari Ambassador Muwafaqiya, and success in his mission in Baghdad, expressed the readiness of the State Department to provide all the support diplomatic mission; to increase coordination in the various areas of the size. ”
The al – Jaafari , according to the statement that ” the Iraqi-French relations are distinctly, and joint cooperation in politics, security, and the fight against terrorism, diplomatic and communication has a significant impact in promoting common interests and face common dangers, in advance of thanks and appreciation Iraq to the positions of France and supporting him in the forums international, military support and humanitarian in the war against terrorist Daesh gangs, in addition to helping to restore Iraqi antiquities. ”
He explained that “Iraq today , ending the page of war against terrorists Daesh, and will begin the construction phase and the reconstruction of Iraqi cities, and the return of families to inhabit areas, adding that Iraq is looking forward to the continuation of friendly countries in support and contribute to the investment, and to provide expertise in the field of infrastructure, calling on France to the launch of Iraqi funds frozen in French banks. ”

For his part, the new French ambassador to Baghdad , Borno AUBIERE “continuation of his country ‘s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, congratulated the Iraqi people ‘s victories achieved in the war against Daesh gangs terrorist , ” adding that he “would do his best to cooperate in the security and stability of Iraq support, and contribute to the reconstruction in addition to activating the work on development, and education. ”
He revealed that the French foreign minister will visit Iraq soon in the context of opening new horizons for cooperation between the two countries. is over


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