Infallible congratulates the liberation of Mosul and appreciates the support of the international coalition


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Khandan –

Congratulated President Fuad Masum on Monday, the Iraqi people and the whole world by editing the entire city of Mosul, and while alive commanders, officers and soldiers of the armed forces on their competence and bravery in achieving this historic victory, praised the championship and the sacrifices of all formations of the fight against terrorism, the army, federal police and air force warplanes and troops forces Peshmerga and the popular crowd and volunteers of the sons of the tribes and civilians

confirmed infallible in a statement to mark the liberation of Mosul, Iraq ‘s intention to move towards the total elimination of terrorism relentlessly and on the reconstruction of Mosul and all the liberated areas, praising the role of Altha Wrap the international support of friendly countries in defeating Daesh terrorist gangs.

The following is the text of congratulations:

” We congratulate the Iraqi people proud and the whole world the great victory of the historic achieved by the heroes of our armed forces today by editing the entire city of Mosul and causing major defeat gangs terrorist Daesh.

We also salute the efficiency and bravery of the leaders and officers and soldiers of our armed forces in all its formations valiant of the fight against terrorism, the army and police forces Federal air force and air force and the Peshmerga forces and factions of the popular crowd and volunteers of the sons of the tribes and civilians , and highly value the spirit of courage, sacrifice and determination they have shown in making this great victory together their unity and heroic courage in Jbha Battles the effects of admiration and solidarity and the confidence of the peoples of the whole world.

And we take this historic opportunity to salute the power of the will of our people and the depth of their unity in the face of terrorism , and we appreciate the military support of the international coalition and the support of friendly countries in defeating the terrorist Daesh criminal gangs, we stress the necessity of special Bawail martyrs attention and treatment the wounded from all the sons of our armed forces, and at the same time emphasize the unnecessary doubling of efforts to protect civilians and restore the displaced and immediately begin preparing plans for direct reconstruction of Mosul and all the affected areas Daesh crimes.

Our people will continue to fight against the remnants of terrorist gangs Daesh relentlessly until cleanse every inch of the territory of our country Rjsha and causing them full and decisive defeat on all fronts and paving to bring stability, peace and prosperity in our country and the whole region. ”


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