Classification of a new Iraqi army in the world’s most powerful armies

 Twilight News    

 10 minutes ago
Twilight News / site category “Global Fire Power”, Egypt in tenth place globally and the first Arab, in the list of classified military power of the world for the year 2017.
The site that the final ranking global firearms force relied on more than 50 workers to determine the degree of so-called Pal “Port Index” for each country, saying that “a formula arrangement allows smaller countries that were more technologically advanced, to compete with the largest area of ​​countries and less developed .. is added (in the form of additions allowances and fines) for rates to reach the fine-tuning the menu. ”
According to the site of some items that have been taken into account in respect of the final order:
– ranking does not simply depend on the total number of weapons available to any country, but instead focuses on the diversity of weapons within the totals of numbers that provide a better balance (ie owning 100 minesweeper is not equal to the strategic and tactical value of 10 aircraft carriers).
– nuclear arsenals are not taken into account but recognized nuclear powers or suspected nuclear receive a bonus “bonus” additional
– geographical factors, logistics flexibility, natural resources and the local industry affect the final ranking
– available manpower have a major consideration (countries with large population densities tend to higher rankings
– Do not be “fined” landlocked States not to possess weapons freely
– NATO allies are getting “bonus” because of a slight theoretical sharing of resources
– political leadership / military current is not taken into account
This is the arrangement of the Arab countries worldwide, which entered the list:
1. Egypt (10 worldwide)
2. Saudi Arabia (22 worldwide)
3. Algeria (23 worldwide)
4. Syria (44 worldwide)
5. Morocco (54 worldwide)
6. Iraq (59 worldwide)
7. United Arab Emirates (60 worldwide)
8. Yemen (64 worldwide)
9. Sudan (71 worldwide)
10. Jordan (72 worldwide)
11. Libya (73 worldwide)
12. Tunisia (78 worldwide)
13. Oman (79 worldwide)
14. Kuwait (80 worldwide)
15. Qatar (91 worldwide)
16. Bahrain (94 globally)
17. Lebanon (98 globally)
18. Somalia (128 worldwide)
19. Mauritania (130 worldwide)
The order of the first ten countries in the list as follows:
1. United States
2. Russia
3. China
4. India
5. France
6. Britain
7. Japan
8. Turkey
9. Germany
10. Egypt


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