US general: Only the Second World War can resemble a battle of Mosul

– 7/8/2017 10:26:00 AM 

Khandan –

US general said on Saturday that the Iraqi authorities will announce “in imminent” final victory time in the battle to restore the city of Mosul from the organization “Daesh” terrorist. 
General Robert Sovja told AFP by telephone from Baghdad, said that ” the announcement is imminent.” 
” I do not want to predict if it will happen today or tomorrow, but I think it will happen very soon.” 
He pointed out that “Daesh” elements who remained in Mosul are fighting to death in a very small area in the vicinity of the Tigris River , the old town, and they are “desperate.” 
He said that some of them trying to infiltrate into the ranks of civilians fleeing the city and shave their beards and change their clothes, while others pretend to die and then blow up their jackets explosive when approaching Iraqi security forces of them. 
Among Sovja that ” the enemy ‘s deployment of a group of improvised explosive devices locally manufactured all over the place, and in every corner and closet On one occasion under the children ‘s bed.” 
US general added that the Iraqi security forces “deserve to celebrate and feel proud of the accomplishment,” upfront “advance congratulations to the elements in a great battle.” 
“This fighting in Mosul is not like anything done by any modern army in the present. Only the Second World War that can resemble from afar.” 
But Sovja warned that “there is still a lot of fighting” against “Daesh” in other parts of Iraq and Syria. 
He said Sovja “liberation of Mosul will cause a reaction .. and we have to pay attention to the next step.” 
The center runs Sovja joint operations of the international coalition in Baghdad and outside and “strike cell” coordinate air strikes in southern and western Iraq.


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