URGENT: Abadi will announce “full victory” in Mosul

08-07-2017 01:32 PM
The Euphrates –

A government source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the latter has three scenarios for the date of announcing the complete victory of the city of Mosul, but waiting for any scenarios that will be approved by the American side.
The source said in a telephone call to the Euphrates news that Abadi is likely to announce the full victory this evening and then announce the launch of military operations to liberate Tal Afar, Hawija and Qaim, which will not take fighting in time because the military plans are ready, stressing that it only takes two days.
There is growing expectation that the Joint Operations Command will announce the ‘complete victory’ in Mosul as the aircraft raided today the last bastions in the city.
The military expects to regain full control of the city of Mosul within hours under the collapse of the defenses of the organization. Military commanders say the militants are fighting for every meter using snipers, grenades and suicide bombers. A Reuters television crew said air strikes and artillery shells targeted the city’s last bastion of militants and that black smoke was rising above it.
Aid groups say the war displaced 900,000 people, or about half the city’s population, before the fighting began, killing thousands.



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