The International Alliance envoy praises his meeting with Abadi: 250 meters separate us from the liberation of Mosul


The International Alliance envoy praises his meeting with Abadi: 250 meters separate us from the liberation of Mosul

2 hours ago
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The international coalition’s envoy praised the meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, saying that only 250 meters remained to be liberated.
“Our meeting with Abadi and al-Jabouri was good, and a slogan calling for expansion three years ago and they committed violations against the Iraqi people,” McCurry told a news conference attended by Al-Ghad Press. “The Iraqis rose up against Da’ash and more than 65,000 kilometers meter”.

“There are 900,000 displaced people,” he said, noting that “250 meters separate forces from the liberation of Mosul.”
He added that “the Iraqi security forces put the protection of civilians in mind,” adding that “the battle is very difficult in western Mosul and the Iraqi forces suffered losses, the battle did not end and we have many challenges.”
“Most of the Mosulis have been displaced from their areas and we have predicted eight times the number of displaced people. But the plans have prevented this,” he said.
“Forty thousand tons of explosives have been removed, and the government will meet with the World Bank to draw up plans to restore stability and develop economic plans,” he said. “Last week I was in Syria and the Syrian Democratic Forces penetrated the streets and was defeated and besieged in al-Raqqa.”
The envoy said that “next week there will be a conference of the International Alliance to discuss the next phase after the defeat of an advocate, and there is a lot of work before us and have a strategic agreement with Iraq .. We work with Iraq within the strategic framework is allowing Iraq to train us and we are committed to a prosperous, And the decision to stay America by the Iraqi government. “
“The Iraqis are praising the role of the international coalition in helping Iraq, announcing the liberation of Mosul to the Iraqi government, and thinking about liberating Tal Afar is an important step and we are ready to help Iraq liberate its territory, including Tal Afar,” he said.
“We can not fight with rockets. Fighting the terrorist organization may take some time. The Iraqi government is trying to secure its sovereign borders and we are working to help Iraq secure the border,” he said.
“We have shown a clear rejection of the referendum in the Kurdistan region and we are with the dialogue between the Iraqis, and we hope to postpone the issue after the call so as not to diverge the subject,” said the envoy, adding that “Mosul is a large city and was controlled by a crowd, but after the military campaign and the liberation of Mosul We have a lot of land to liberate. “
“We want to emphasize that any foreign terrorist terrorist should be killed and killed by Iraqi forces, and we will lose the areas they control, to restore the normal life and control of the Iraqi government,” he said.
“We were in Turkey last week and we discussed the situation in Iraq and we are on the verge of eliminating an oppressor. There is an international campaign to eradicate it,” he said. “We stopped the foreigners who come to Syria and Iraq.
“The flow of terrorists is very low, they can not escape from Iraq and Syria, the bombings have receded drastically, and we are working hard in all countries to dry up the sources of terrorism with the international police and track them in all countries, international efforts. We are proud of what US companies are doing in Iraq We will continue to work with the Iraqi government, and companies must work with Iraq’s laws and abide by them. “


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