Macgork: Meeting of the International Alliance in Washington to support the reconstruction of Iraq

– 7/8/2017 8:31:00 AM 69 Number of readings


US President ‘s envoy to the International Alliance Bert Macgork announced on Saturday that Washington will host next week a meeting of the countries of the international coalition to discuss ways of strengthening support for Iraq in the post after the elimination of the “Daesh” terrorist. 
Said Macgork at a press conference in Baghdad, said the meeting would be attended by all countries of the international coalition to fight terrorism , and will focus on the next stage search and review of basic needs to restore stability in Iraq after “Daesh”. 
Among Macgork “that stability will not be achieved as soon as the military defeat of the organization said , but must defeat extremist ideology and to ensure stability for local communities”, as quoted by the agency “KUNA”. 
He pointed out that ” the terrorist organization most of the infrastructure destroyed in Mosul and around hospitals to the military headquarters of his” revealing “the organization of the execution of 350 citizens in one of the hospitals under various pretexts.” 
He Macgork “The Daesh Fajkh houses and streets improvised explosive devices and that Iraqi forces over the past few days to raise more than 40 thousand tons of explosives.” 
He noted that “Washington wants Iraq after Daesh united and prosperous federal and supports the Iraqi forces that have achieved victory in Mosul and worked to protect civilians.”


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