Killing dozens of militants Daesh tried to flee to Mosul easier across the Tigris

It managed to Iraqi forces on Saturday, killing a number of elements Daesh tried to escape from the last positions in the old city of Mosul across the Tigris River.

The anti-terrorism team corner, Abdul Ghani al-Asadi commander, in a press release on July 8, 2017 that “a number of militants, the organization tried to cross to the left coast, but the elements of the Iraqi force stationed there opened fire on them and killed them, and remained in the water.”

The Joint Operations Command issued a statement saying that “pieces of Nineveh operations killed 35 militants from Daesh and arrested six others who tried to escape the advance of military units in the old Mosul.”

After about nine months from the start of the biggest military operation taking place in Iraq to restore Mosul, it became trapped inside the organization Daesh a small area in the old city, after it had controlled the vast territory since 2014.


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