Iraq controls its hour on the announcement of the complete liberation of Mosul

Mohammed al-Ghazi

Iraqis are setting their hours on the liberation of Mosul, where expectations rose near the announcement of the joint operations command of the “complete victory” in Mosul, while Iraqi aircraft raided the last bastions in the city.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Iraq Liberation Command (MNF) has confirmed that the declaration of the liberation of Mosul belongs to the Iraqi leadership as the Joint Operations Command in Iraq approaches full control over the old city of Mosul, Al-Harbi map shows that the organization is no longer in control of any area in Mosul and learned the spaces in which it is in white and is not on the map except for a few meters marked in red and described as a zone of clashes while Green occupied the full area of ​​liberated areas.

And 265 days have passed since the start of operations coming to Nineveh and the liberation battles of Mosul, according to the map that took place on Saturday.

In a brief statement, the Operations Command of Ninewa also pointed out that the federal police forces have completed their tasks in the old city and the right-hand coast of Mosul.

The fighting has now led to the pursuit of elements calling between houses and narrow alleys, especially in the areas of Shahwan and Qulayat on the right coast of Mosul, while raising Iraqi soldiers Iraqi flag in the neighborhood of the last stronghold stronghold stronghold in Mosul.

Iraqi aircraft carried out an air strike at the threshold of the fifth bridge in the old city of Mosul, the area where the elements are limited.

The deputy commander of the ninth division of the Iraqi army Brigadier General Walid Majid said that his forces now stand on the bank of the Tigris River in the right coast of the old city

The federal police chief, Major Raed Jawdat, announced Friday that the police forces have completed their tasks in the old city of Mosul and continue to be pursued by remnants in the street Nujaifi.

The announcement of the final victory will be at any moment and the field commanders are waiting for the contact of the forces of the 16th division and the anti-terrorism forces.

Brit McGregor and Abbadi

Fishing is precious

The commander of the anti-terrorism unit, Lieutenant General Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi, spoke about the occurrence of prisoners and women prisoners, including “valuable hunting” by the Iraqi security forces.

He said the security forces were able to arrest a large number of elements urging the fleeing from Ayman Mosul.

Al-Saadi told Elaph that “the military intelligence detachments are conducting extensive checks on the elements entering the displaced families from the old city of Ayman Mosul.” These detachments carry lists and detailed information on the number of names, names and affiliations, which enabled them to arrest and refer many Of them to the judiciary. “

He pointed out that one of the priorities of the security forces after the liberation of the city of Mosul in full is to move to liberate the districts of Tal Afar and Hawija and the city of Al-Qaim, but he added that the identification of these priorities will be the hands of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

For his part, said the commander of operations coming Ninawa team special forces corner Abdul Amir Rashid Yaarallah that “the federal police forces liberated the door of the brick completely and the market and the street and the Najafi Street and thus have completed the tasks assigned to the old city and the right coast of Mosul.”

The Joint Command also noted in a statement seen by “Ilaf” that 35 members of the “Daash” organization were killed and 6 others arrested who attempted to infiltrate into the city’s left coast.

Iraqi forces, backed by the international coalition against US-led Da’ash and the pro-Iranian Popular Struggle militia, began a battle they described as liberating Mosul in October.

The first part ended with the liberation of eastern Mosul in January and the second part began in western Mosul in February.

The sensitivity of the battle of Tal Afar

At a press conference at the US Embassy in Baghdad, US President George W. Bush’s envoy to the International Coalition against Ba’ath McGurk said there was a lot of work to be done and that the battle was not yet over and it was the Iraqis who declared victory.

He said that “the organization of Da’id has committed great violations against the Yazidis and Christians, and the Iraqis have solidarity to eliminate the dashing,” adding that 94 thousand displaced from Anbar returned to their areas.

He said that the coalition is in the final stages of his campaign in Mosul, pointing out that “250 meters is what remains of Daash inside Mosul.”

The US envoy also pointed out that the right side is the most difficult in the battle of Mosul, stressing that “the battle is not over yet and we have a lot of work.”

“Tal Afar is a sensitive area and we will deal with it cautiously and accurately,” Trump said. “I was in Turkey last week and we discussed a situation in Iraq.”

“Thinking about liberating Tal Afar is an important step and we are ready to help Iraq liberate its territory, including Tal Afar, and the Iraqi military leadership will have the decision to join the coalition,” he said.

“Our meeting with Abadi and al-Jabouri was good, and a slogan calling for expansion three years ago, and they committed violations against the Iraqi people,” he said, pointing out that “the Iraqis rose up against Da’ash and more than 65,000 kilometers were liberated.”

He added that “the Iraqi security forces put the protection of civilians in mind,” adding that “the battle is very difficult in western Mosul and the Iraqi forces suffered losses, the battle is not over and we have many challenges.”

“Most of the Mosulis have been displaced from their areas and we have predicted eight times the displacement but the plans have prevented this,” the coalition envoy said. “People who have been harassing have bombarded houses and streets, clearing mines and restoring basic services and returning displaced people.”

The International Alliance and the Post-Ad Hoc Conference

“Forty thousand tons of explosives have been removed and the government will meet with the World Bank to draw up plans to restore stability and develop economic plans,” he said. “All US companies must abide by Iraqi laws.”

The envoy said that “next week there will be a conference of the International Alliance to discuss the next phase after the defeat of an advocate, and there is a lot of work before us and have a strategic agreement with Iraq .. We work with Iraq within the strategic framework is allowing Iraq to train us and we are committed to a prosperous, And the decision to stay America by the Iraqi government. “

“The Iraqis praise the role of the international coalition in helping Iraq, and announce the liberation of Mosul to the Iraqi government.”

“We can not fight with rockets. Fighting the terrorist organization may take some time. The Iraqi government is trying to secure its sovereign borders and we are working to help Iraq secure the border,” he said.

MacGork: We have shown a clear rejection of the referendum in the Kurdistan region

“We have shown a clear rejection of the referendum in the Kurdistan region and we are with the dialogue between the Iraqis, and we hope to postpone the issue after the call so as not to diverge the subject,” said the envoy, adding that “Mosul is a large city and was controlled by a crowd, but after the military campaign and the liberation of Mosul We have a lot of land to liberate. “

“We want to confirm that any foreign terrorist terrorist must be killed and eliminated by Iraqi forces, and he will lose the areas he controls, to restore normal life and control of the Iraqi government,” he said.

He reiterated that “I was in Turkey last week and we discussed the situation in Iraq and we are on the verge of eliminating an oppressor and there is an international campaign to eliminate it.” He went on to say, “We have stopped the foreigners who come to Syria and Iraq and support the military campaign in Raqqa, .

“The flow of terrorists has been very low, they can not escape from Iraq and Syria, the bombings have receded drastically, and we are working hard in all countries to root out the terrorists with the international police and track them in all countries. Iraq and we will continue to work with the Iraqi government, and companies to work with the laws of Iraq and abide by them. “

McGowork Jabbouri: Washington’s support continues

In addition, the Speaker of the Parliament discussed with the envoy of the US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett MacGorek, on Saturday, the security and political developments in the Iraqi scene and enhance cooperation in the face of terrorism between the two countries.

“The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri discussed with the envoy of US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McGurk, in the presence of Ambassador Douglas Silliman, the security and political developments in the Iraqi scene, and ways to enhance joint cooperation between Iraq and the United States of America. Counter terrorism and extremism, as well as in the economic and investment fields. “

“The United States continues to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism and supports all efforts aimed at activating regional and international economic cooperation,” McGork said.

Jubouri: the return of the displaced the first steps to achieve stability

“It is an important step on the road to stability, but it does not mean the end of the issue of terrorism completely, so we affirm that we have a work on intellectual rehabilitation, which is no less important than the geographical liberation,” he said, The efforts of the United States to support Iraq during its war against terrorist gangs. “

“The first steps that can help us create an environment conducive to stability is the return of the displaced and ending their suffering, and focus on developing the service reality of cities affected by terrorism,” Jubouri said.

“The two sides agreed on the importance of deepening the fruitful dialogue and adopting it to solve all problems and overcome all obstacles, and that increasing tension and humiliation will lose all opportunities for stability,” the statement said.

The International Coalition is bombing an addition to Daish north of Baghdad

On Saturday, the Baghdad Operations Command announced the destruction of Da’ish and the killing of seven terrorists, including an air strike by the international coalition, in Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad.

The command said in a statement, received by “Elaf”, a copy of it, “the flight of the International Alliance and in coordination with the intelligence operations of Baghdad, carried out an air strike within the Tarmiyah area north of Baghdad.”

“A force from the 1st Battalion, the 22nd Brigade, went to the site of the strike, where an additional destruction was destroyed and the bodies of seven killed by the terrorist organization were found,” it added.

“The security forces found a cache containing three explosive belts, 10 hand grenades and mobile devices, and two tanks filled with high-explosive C4 material,” it said.

The Interior Ministry announced on Thursday that two suicide bombers were killed in Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad.




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