Baghdad operations warn citizens to fire shots when announcing the release of Mosul



Baghdad – Iraq Press – 8 July July: The Baghdad Operations Command said Saturday that it would “arrest the shooter on the occasion of the release of Mosul in full, coinciding with the imminent victory of al-Isil in the city.”


The Joint Operations Command announced Saturday the control of the old city in the right coast of Mosul., pointing to “the killing of 35 ISIS elements and the arrest of six others who attempted to infiltrate the left coast of the city”.

“The joint security forces are already in control of the old Mosul,” the security committee of the Ninawa Governorate Council said Saturday, noting that “a meeting was held two days ago with the security leaders, the remaining non-liberated areas of the old connector, only 80 meters from the total area of the old City, were counted as described.

“Based on these data, it was agreed to declare full control over the old Mosul,” said Mohammad Ibrahim, the security chief. On Friday, but for other reasons, the strategy has changed and it is probable that there has been another agreement and has been announced today. ” It’s over.



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