Counter – terrorism: resolving the battle of Mosul is imminent 


and our response to news – 

Counter-terrorism: resolving the battle of Mosul is imminent

Said the fight against terrorism, a commander on Friday that his forces on the verge of resolving the battle field in the neighborhood last strongholds Daesh inside the Old City Ayman Mosul, pointing out that a few meters separating them from reaching the banks of the Tigris.

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi said in a press interview that “the fight against terrorism continues to provide a central neighborhood of the field inside the old town and troops battling against the remaining terrorists Daesh and Atvsalna for access to the banks of the Tigris just a few meters.”

Saadi added, “More than 50 Daashaa killed at least in the area of ​​the field and is the largest section of the terrorists organization trapped in it.”

Saadi pointed to, that “anti-terrorism forces progressing slowly and warned to avoid inflict casualties on civilians who are trapped Atakzhm Arhabiyoa Daesh as human shields in the remaining narrow space of the neighborhood.”



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